Disclosure Requirements

Each Governor shall file with the Conflicts Administrator a completed Disclosure Statement concurrently with the acceptance of an appointment to the UBC Board of Governors and, as per Section 4.3.2 of the Code, annually not more than 45 days after “each anniversary date of the Governor’s appointment date during such Governor’s term” (more frequently if the Administrator or the Board of Governors so requests).  

Each Disclosure Statement and/or Interim Statement filed by a Governor shall contain a statement that the Governor has made complete and accurate disclosure and that the Governor has complied with the Code and the Rules over the relevant reporting period (or giving particulars of any non-compliance), and that no information has come to the attention of such Governor that the information contained in any Disclosure Statement or Interim Statement previously provided by the Governor was materially inaccurate or untrue at the time provided.

Declarations shall contain sufficient particulars as to the nature and extent of any existing conflict so that the Conflicts Administrator and the Board of Governors can assess the significance and impact of the conflict of interest to the University.

Each Governor who becomes aware of a conflict that is not disclosed in a Conflict Disclosure on file with the Conflicts Administrator must immediately, and in any event no more 14 days after becoming so aware, advise the Conflicts Administrator and where necessary, file an amended Conflict Disclosure form describing such change.

The  Conflicts Administrator shall report annually to the Board of Governors as to these unless, in the opinion of the Administrator, more frequent reporting is necessary.

Recurring Conflicts

In the case of similar contracts or transactions that are, or may be expected to, give rise to conflicts of interest and which are of a recurring nature and which are made, or will be made, in the ordinary course of business of the University, a Governor who is interested therein shall be deemed to have complied with the disclosure requirements of the Code if:

  • the Governor has complied with the Code at the time the first such contract was entered into; or,
  • at the time the first such transaction occurred and if thereafter annually, on each January 31, the Governor makes full disclosure of the nature and extent of the conflict of interest with respect to such recurring contracts or transactions in the Governor’s annual Disclosure Statement.