Learning & Research Committee



The purpose of the Learning & Research Committee Terms of Reference is to ensure that the responsibilities and expectations delegated to the Learning & Research Committee by the Board of Governors are clear and well defined.


The Learning & Research Committee has the primary role of assessing learning & research development and practices in accordance with adopted policies, principles and strategies and through recommendations on these matters to the Board of Governors.

Without limiting the general responsibilities described above, the Learning & Research Committee shall:

  1. Promote, support and enhance teaching, learning and research at the University by reviewing, monitoring, and recommending policies and actions to the Board of Governors to enhance the University’s academic and research plans.
  2. Develop and recommend to the Board of Governors policies, principles and strategic plans in regard to the learning and research community at the University and ensure that policies, principles and strategic plans are properly maintained.
  3. Monitor all matters relating to student and instructional fees; recommend policies and actions to the Board of Governors, in conformity with the University Act and prevailing policies.
  4. Monitor all administration matters relating to research and learning; review and recommend to the Board of Governors policies and actions concerning the administration of all grants, contracts, funds, fees, endowments and other assets related to learning and research.
  5. Monitor all matters related to intellectual property and technology transfer of research at the University; review and recommend to the Board of Governors policies and actions governing research, inventions, copyright and other intellectual property; and, advise the Board on matters relating to patents, copyrights, trade marks, trade names or other proprietary rights resulting from an invention.
  6. Review and monitor recommendations of the Council of Senates, the UBC Vancouver Senate and the UBC Okanagan Senate on all matters relating to learning and research, and to advise the Board when, under the University Act, it should consult the Council of Senates, the UBC Vancouver Senate and/or the UBC Okanagan Senate.
  7. Advise and assist the Board of Governors and the President in advancing the goals of the University’s strategic plan.


A summary of each Learning & Research Committee meeting is circulated to each Board member, generally within two business days following the Committee meeting.


At least four (4) Committee members are appointed from the Board of Governors.  In addition, the Board Chair, the Chancellor, and the President are ex officio members.

The Chair of the Board of Governors should appoint Committee members with the assistance of the President, based on qualification and interest, and to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Appointments are made for a one-year term from September 1 to August 31, with annual renewal.

The Committee Chair will be selected from among the members and must be a member of the UBC faculty. 


The Committee meets prior to each regularly scheduled Board of Governors meeting and in addition may meet at the call of the Chair as required.

Attendance by 50% of Learning & Research Committee members is required to establish quorum.