Employee Relations Committee



The purpose of the Employee Relations Committee Terms of Reference is to ensure that the responsibilities and expectations delegated to the Employee Relations Committee by the Board of Governors are clear and well defined.


The function of the Employee Relations Committee is primarily to act for the Board of Governors in dealing with appointments, terminations, conditions of employment, and collective bargaining.

Without limiting the general responsibilities as described above, the Employee Relations Committee shall:

1. Other than as addressed through collective bargaining with the UBC Faculty Association, advise the Board of Governors in matters relating to:

  • the conditions of appointment of faculty members, professional librarians and program directors in the Centre for Continuing Education (including salaries and benefits);
  • the criteria and procedures governing appointments and termination of appointments;
  • provisions for collective bargaining with the UBC Faculty Association; and,
  • appointment, reappointment and extensions of appointment for Deans, Vice-Provosts, Associate Vice-Presidents, Librarian and Registrar, and determination of compensation associated with those actions.  Determination of compensation for Deans, Associate Vice-Presidents, Librarian and Registrar is delegated to the President.
2. Advise the Board of Governors on matters relating to the conditions of employment and collective bargaining for all other UBC employees.
3. Review and recommend policies that affect the employment and termination of faculty and staff, including appointments to management positions (other than positions equal or senior to ‘Dean’).
4. Advise the Governance Committee on matters relating to UBC policies affecting employment and termination.
5. Advise and assist the President (through the Board of Governors) in advancing the strategic goals of the University.


The Employee Relations Committee is required to report on action taken at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Governors.


The Board of Governors Chair, the Chancellor and the President are ex officio members of the Employee Relations Committee.

The Committee Chair will be appointed at the recommendation of the Board Chair.

Additional members should be appointed by the Board Chair with the assistance of the President, based on qualifications and interest, and to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Appointments are made for a one-year term from September 1 to August 31, with annual renewal.


The Employee Relations Committee will meet at the call of its Chair.

Attendance by at least 50% of Employee Relations Committee members is required to establish quorum.

Approved February 14, 2017