Employee Relations Committee

Approved December 2020


1.1 Pursuant to section 27(2)(c) of the University Act, the UBC Board of Governors (the “Board”) has established a standing committee of the Board to address employment-related matters (the “Employee Relations Committee”).
1.2 The Employee Relations Committee considers matters relating to employment of staff and faculty members at UBC for the purposes of:
1.2.1 providing recommendations to the Board where Board decisions are required or where the Employee Relations Committee otherwise considers it desirable to make recommendations;
1.2.2 making decisions on behalf of the Board where the Board has delegated authority to the Employee Relations Committee to do so; and,
1.2.3 considering any reports submitted for information and responding to any requests from the UBC administration for advice and input;
(collectively, the “Mandate”).
1.3 Appendix A of these Terms of Reference sets out some examples of matters that fall within the Mandate. This list is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be exhaustive or constrain in any way the definition of the Mandate set out in section 1.2.


2.1 The Employee Relations Committee hereby has the authority to make the following decisions on behalf of the Board:
2.1.1 to review and approve the Associate Vice-President Salary Administration Framework and Guidelines provided by the UBC administration;
2.1.2 to approve recommendations made by UBC administration in respect of the compensation of academic Associate Vice-Presidents;
2.1.3 to approve bargaining mandates;
2.1.4 to approve settlements and agreements with each bargaining unit and association; and,
2.1.5 to approve general wage increases for employee groups that are not represented by a bargaining unit or association.


3.1 In addition to the ex officio members as required by the UBC Board of Governors’ Meeting Rules and Practices, the Employee Relations Committee will have a maximum of six members, all of whom are to be selected in accordance with the UBC Board of Governors’ Meeting Rules and Practices as may be amended from time to time.  Those additional members will include at least four Governors who have been appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Further to section 1.3 of the Employee Relations Committee Terms of Reference, the following sets out examples of matters that fall within the Mandate:

a) Board Policies for which responsibility has been assigned to the Employee Relations Committee by the Governance Committee pursuant to its Terms of Reference
b) policies, principles, and strategic plans that support the attraction, engagement, and retention of a diverse and inclusive community of outstanding faculty and staff members
c) criteria and procedures governing appointments and termination of appointments
d) bargaining mandates
e) bargaining with unions and employee associations
f) settlements and collective agreements with bargaining units and associations
g) general wage increases for non-bargaining staff
h) appointment, reappointment, and extensions of appointment for Deans, Vice-Provosts, academic Associate Vice-Presidents, and compensation for such employees
i) policies regarding employment and termination of faculty and staff members
j) advancement of employment-related objectives of UBC’s strategic plan
k) health promotion initiatives

Visit the Repository of Board of Governors Policies, Procedures, Rules and Guidelines to view Board Meetings Policy (GA8) and associated Meeting Rules and Practices.