Executive Committee

Approved June 2020


1.1 Pursuant to section 27(2)(c) of the University Act, the UBC Board of Governors (the “Board”) has established a standing committee of the Board to address matters related to the appointment and extension of appointments of UBC’s Chancellor, President and Vice-Presidents as well as any Board decisions that need to be made between Board meetings (the “Executive Committee”).
1.2 The Executive Committee:
1.2.1 meets as needed between regularly scheduled Board meetings to make decisions on behalf of the Board where the Board Chair determines that it would not be preferable to deal with the applicable matter through the Board’s electronic approval process;
1.2.2 oversees the process for the appointment and extension of appointment of UBC’s President;
1.2.3 receives nominations from the UBC alumni association for the appointment and reappointment of UBC’s Chancellor, and, after consultation with the Council of Senates, makes recommendations to the Board for the appointment and reappointment of UBC’s Chancellor;
1.2.4 considers matters relating to the performance and compensation of UBC’s President and Vice-Presidents;
1.2.5 provides input to the President regarding organizational structure and reviews of the portfolios of the President and Vice-Presidents;
1.2.6 provides input to UBC’s President regarding succession plans for UBC’s Vice-Presidents and Associate Vice-Presidents; and,
1.2.7 considers any other matters where it is desirable to engage the Chairs of all of the Board’s standing committees or any other matters that the President wishes to raise with the Executive Committee;
(collectively, the “Mandate”).


2.1 The Executive Committee hereby has the authority to make the following decisions on behalf of the Board:
2.1.1 to address matters that arise between regularly scheduled meetings of the Board and which, in the discretion of the Board Chair, are not appropriate to be dealt with through the Board’s electronic approval process;
2.1.2 in accordance with the procedure established by the Board with the approval of the Senates pursuant to section 27(2)(f) of the University Act, to establish a  search committee for the appointment of a new President and to provide such directions as may be required by the search committee and receive its recommendations;
2.1.3 to carry out the extension process of an incumbent President and make recommendations to the Board regarding extension of an incumbent;
2.1.4 to establish the framework and schedule for the annual performance review of UBC’s President; to carry out those performance reviews; and to recommend to the Board an appropriate compensation package for the President; and,
2.1.5 to review the results of the President’s annual reviews of the performance of the Vice-Presidents and approve appropriate compensation packages for the Vice-Presidents.


3.1 In addition to the ex officio members as required by the UBC Board of Governors’ Meeting Rules and Practices, the Executive Committee will consist of the Board Vice-Chair and the Chairs of the other standing committees of the Board.
3.2 The Executive Committee will be chaired by the Board Chair.
3.3 If the members of the Executive Committee as set out above do not include an individual that is capable of reflecting an Indigenous perspective, the Board Chair will appoint such individual from among the Board Governors as a member of the Executive Committee.

Visit the Repository of Board of Governors Policies, Procedures, Rules and Guidelines to view Board Meetings Policy (GA8) and associated Meeting Rules and Practices.