Property Committee

Approved September  2021


1.1 Pursuant to section 27(2)(c) of the University Act, the UBC Board of Governors (the “Board”) has established a standing committee of the Board to address property matters (the “Property Committee”).
1.2 The Property Committee considers matters relating to the acquisition, disposition, development, and management of real property for the purposes of:
1.2.1 providing recommendations to the Board where Board decisions are required or where the Property Committee otherwise considers it desirable to make recommendations;
1.2.2 making decisions on behalf of the Board where the Board has delegated authority to the Property Committee to do so; and,
1.2.3 considering any reports submitted for information and responding to any requests from the UBC administration for advice and input;
(collectively, the “Mandate”).
1.3 Appendix A of these Terms of Reference sets out some examples of matters that fall within the Mandate. This list is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to be exhaustive or constrain in any way the definition of the Mandate set out in section 1.2.


2.1 The Property Committee hereby has the authority to make the following decisions on behalf of the Board:
2.1.1 to review and approve Agency Agreements with UBC Properties Investments Ltd;
2.1.2 to provide Board 1 Approval, Board 2 Approval, and Board 3 Approval for Construction Projects (as defined in the Capital Projects Policy) valued over $5,000,000 and up to $20,000,000 in accordance with the Capital Projects Policy;
2.1.3 to approve the Terms of Reference of the Development Permit Board;
2.1.4 to approve the granting of Statutory Rights of Way;
2.1.5 to approve the adoption, amendment, or repeal of Plans (as defined in the Land Use Policy) or any other documents that the Property Committee is authorized to adopt, amend, or repeal under the Land Use Policy; and,
2.1.6 to set, determine, and authorize the UBC administration to collect the fees on behalf of the Board for infrastructure impact charges, community amenity charges, and development cost charges.


3.1 In addition to the ex officio members as required by the UBC Board of Governors’ Meeting Rules and Practices the Property Committee will have up to eight members, all of whom are to be selected in accordance with the UBC Board of Governors’ Meeting Rules and Practices as may be amended from time to time. Those additional members will include:
3.1.1 the Chair of the Finance Committee;
3.1.2 two elected Governors; and,
3.1.3 up to five Governors who have been appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Further to section 1.3 of the Property Committee Terms of Reference, the following sets out examples of matters that fall within the Mandate:

a) Board Policies for which responsibility has been assigned to the Property Committee by the Governance Committee pursuant to its Terms of Reference
b) land use
c) endowment wealth creation from long-term leasing
d) development objectives
e) management, administration, and control of UBC’s real property
f) capital plans for buildings and infrastructure
g) acquisition or disposal of real property
h) campus plans
i) land use plans
j) neighbourhood plans
k) public realm plans
l) design guidelines, requirements, and frameworks
m) property and associated strategic aspects of the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) arising through the work of the UNA-UBC Liaison Committee (other than the UNA budget, which is considered by the Finance Committee, and community aspects of the University Neighbourhoods Association, which are considered by the People, Community & International Committee)
n) Neighbours’ Agreement with the University Neighbourhoods Association
o) off-campus property initiatives
p) property-related objectives of UBC
q) UBC Rapid Transit Strategy Updates
r) post-completion reports for Construction Projects (as defined in the Capital Projects Policy) valued between $5,000,000 and $20,000,000
s) UBC Properties Trust updates
t) student housing growth plans
u) progress reports regarding seismic resilience plans
v) Development Permit Board Annual Report (UBC Vancouver)
w) Land Use Plan, Transportation and Engagement Monitoring Principles Monitoring Report
x) UBC Okanagan GamePlan Updates
y) UBC Okanagan Learning Factory Follow Up

Visit the Repository of Board of Governors Policies, Procedures, Rules and Guidelines to view Board Meetings Policy (GA8) and associated Meeting Rules and Practices.