Search Committee Membership

Chancellor Lindsay Gordon
Three (3) from
(Appointed Members)
Mr. Stuart Belkin
Ms. Celeste Haldane
Ms. Fiona Macfarlane
Three (3) SENATORS
Two (2) from Vancouver Senate
One (1) from Okanagan Senate
Ms. Carol Jaeger (V)
Dr. Marianne Legault (O)
Dr. Rickey Yada (V)
Three (3) FACULTY
Two (2) from Vancouver faculty
One (1) from Okanagan faculty
Dr. Paul G. Davies (O)
Dr. Darrin Lehman (V)
Dr. Mark MacLachlan (V)
Three (3) DEANS
Two (2) chosen by Vancouver Committee of Deans
One (1) chosen by Okanagan Deans’ Council
Dr. Gordon Binsted (O)
Dr. Catherine Dauvergne (V)
Dr. Blye Frank (V)
Three (3) STUDENTS
One (1) chosen by the AMS
One (1) chosen by the UBCSUO
One (1) chosen by the GSS
Mr. Aaron Bailey (AMS)
Mr. Tom Macauley (UBCSUO)
Ms. Amber Shilling (GSS)
Two (2) ALUMNI
Appointed by alumni UBC
Mr. Gregg Saretsky
Ms. Faye Wightman
Three (3) STAFF
One (1) from Okanagan campus unionized staff
One (1) from Vancouver campus unionized staff
One (1) from management and professional staff
Ms. Maureen Brophy (O)
Ms. Kelly Davies (V)
Dr. Andrea Han (M&P)