Compensation Reporting

Compensation reporting is required for public sector employees with an annual base salary of $125,000 or more.

Public sector excluded and executive employees who are not covered by collective agreements are covered by specific provisions of the Public Sector Employers Act. These provisions of the Act are designed to support and coordinate reasonable compensation practices for this group of employees. Specifically, the Public Sector Employers Act addresses compensation plans, severance standards, and the accrual of vacation and sick leave.

The Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC) works with public sector employers associations to ensure that executive compensation is reasonable and fair, neither leading nor lagging the relevant labour market comparators. Public sector employers have the option to use variable incentive pay compensation plans as a way to recruit and retain employees.  PSEC guidelines and principles describe industry best practices that may assist employers in designing and implementing these pay plans.

Executive compensation plans must also take into consideration the current fiscal and labour relations environment (see Public Sector Employers’ Council Secretariat).


Contract explanatory note (Arvind Gupta)

The agreement under which Professor Arvind Gupta was appointed as UBC’s President in 2014 is a matter of public record. Some observers have focussed on Article 2.7 of that agreement, which deals with the notice or pay in lieu that Professor Gupta should receive in the event that he is dismissed without cause. UBC wishes to emphasize that Professor Gupta resigned his appointment as President and was not dismissed. To suggest otherwise is incorrect and is also disrespectful to Professor Gupta.

Furthermore, these observers have misinterpreted Article 2.7 to suggest that Professor Gupta would have received four years of severance had he been dismissed. This is not correct. Article 2.7 is explicitly subject to the Employment Termination Standards, which limits severance to a maximum of nine (9) months where the employee has served in the position for 12 to 17 months.