The principal role of the Board Chair is to provide leadership to the Board of Governors.

The Board Chair is accountable to the Board, acts as a direct liaison between the Board and the Administration, and represents the Board internally and externally, including acting as a spokesperson for Board decisions where appropriate.

Election & Term

The Nominating Committee for the office of Chair of the Board consists of four members:

  • the Chancellor (as Chair of the Nominating Committee);
  • one appointed member (Chair of the Governance Committee);
  • one elected member; and,
  • the President (non-voting).

The Nominating Committee presents the name of the candidate and the proposed term to the Board of Governors for its consideration and approval. The elected Chair takes office upon expiration of the term of the incumbent.

Duties & Responsibilities

The specific duties and responsibilities of the Board Chair are to:

  • keep abreast generally of the activities of the University and its management;
  • lead the annual review of the President’s goals and performance;
  • support and provide advice and counsel to the President;
  • chair Presidential search and review committees;
  • foster a constructive and harmonious relationship between the Board of Governors and the Administration;
  • act as a liaison between the Administration and the Board, between the government (as represented by the Minister or other officials) and the Board, and between the Senates and the Board;
  • oversee any issues raised with respect to conflict of interest;
  • recommend to the Board the Committee Chairs and membership of each Committee;
  • recommend the schedule (including date, time and location) of regular Board and Committee meetings at least one year in advance;
  • call meetings of the Board of Governors;
  • chair meetings of the Board of Governors;
  • develop and set the Agenda for Board meetings and determine the contents of Board Dockets (in concert with the President);
  • oversee the delivery of information to the Governors on a timely basis to keep them fully apprised of all matters material to Governors and necessary for them to carry out their duties, including the sufficient and timely advance distribution of all background material required to enable the Governors to form appropriate judgments on issues coming before the Board at its meetings;
  • contribute to positive internal relationships by representing the Board of Governors at community functions and activities;
  • foster good relations between the University and the community by representing the Board at community functions and activities; and,
  • approve expense claims from Governors (related to attendance at Board and Committee meetings, and other Board events).

In addition, the Board Chair shall perform other such functions as may be ancillary to the responsibilities described above and as may be delegated to the Board Chair by the Board of Governors from time to time.


The Board Chair is supported by the Board Secretary; the Board Secretary reports to the Board Chair and to the President.