Chancellor Stephen Lewis Point
Dr. Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor
Appointed by the Province
Term Expires
Nancy McKenzie (Chair) July 2023
Sandra Cawley (Vice-Chair) July 2021
Alison Brewin July 2021
Jessie Dusangh July 2022
Chaslynn Gillanders July 2023
Raghwa Gopal July 2022
Azim Lalani July 2021
Andrea Reimer December 2020
Joel Solomon July 2023
William Sundhu July 2021
Elected by Students
Term Expires
Max Holmes March 2021
Jeanie Malone March 2021
Jassim Naqvi March 2021
Elected by Faculty
Term Expires
Anna Kindler February 2023
John Klironomos August 2023
Mark Mac Lean February 2023
Elected by Staff
Term Expires
Kavie Toor February 2023
Nicole Udzenija February 2023