Roles and Responsibilities

Key personnel in the work of the Board are the Governors themselves, the Board Chair and the President, as well as staff fulfilling the responsibilities of Corporate Secretary.


In terms of the work done by the Board of Governors as a whole, members are guided by the Board of Governors Manual, a compilation of Board procedures and roles and responsibilities as mandated by the University Act.

Board Chair

The Chair of the Board is one of the eleven members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor and is elected to the position of Chair by a vote of the Board as a whole, following the nomination of candidates by a four-person committee.

The Board Chair typically has responsibility for Board affairs and performance, including setting meeting agendas and running meetings effectively, engaging all Governors and managing frank discussion with a view to consensus, promoting sound working relationships with UBC Administration and senior officials, and timely and accurate reporting and communications, including an annual report to the Minister.

President and Vice-Chancellor

The President is responsible for leading the Administration, developing and implementing budgets and strategic plans for the University, reporting to the Board, and for external communications as the spokesperson of the University, including preparing an annual report.

The British Columbia University Act provides that the Board of Governors appoint the President of the University.  The UBC Presidential Search Committee (composed of Board members and representatives from the Senates, faculty, staff, students and alumni of both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan) develops a recommendation to the Board of Governors for the appointment of a new President of the University.

As chief executive officer, the President of the University is a member of the Board of Governors, has general supervision over all academic work and is responsible for directing the operation of the University and its business affairs.  The President oversees all teaching and administrative staff, officers and employees of the University, as well as other powers and duties that may be assigned by the Board of Governors.


The Chancellor is the senior statesperson of the University, elected in accordance with the University Act.

Board Secretary

The Board Secretariat acts in the role of Secretary for the Board of Governors, and is responsible for the organization and administration of Board of Governors and organization governance records, including governance compliance matters.