Board of Governors Procedures

The British Columbia University Act provides the framework for Board of Governors procedures and confers on the Board the power “to make rules for the meetings of the board and its transactions”.  These are set out in the UBC Board of Governors’ Meeting Rules and Practices*, and the Board of Governors Manual* (PDF).

Visit the Repository of Board of Governors Policies, Procedures, Rules and Guidelines to view Board Meetings Policy (GA8) and associated Meeting Rules and Practices.

*As amended from time to time to reflect changes to the University Act and/or in the procedures of the Board.


Assessment & Evaluation

An important principle of good governance is the need for leaders to continually increase their understanding of organization and governance best practices, and their own performance in this context.

Members of the UBC Board of Governors are committed to ongoing assessment and improvement in support of UBC’s leadership role as a complex institution in exciting times, and through the Governance Committee, require periodic review of key personnel responsibilities, committee mandates and effectiveness, and best-practice standards.