Board of Governors

Members of the UBC Board of Governors represent a diversity of backgrounds and bring to the Board the views of their various constituencies; decisions are ultimately made in the best overall interest of the University.

Appointment of members to the UBC Board of Governors involves several appointment and election processes (University Act Part 6 – Board of Governors).

Members of the UBC Board of Governors are volunteers and serve the University without remuneration.

Chancellor Lindsay Gordon
Dr. Santa J. Ono
Appointed by the Province
Term Expires
Stuart Belkin (Chair) December 2016
Sandra Cawley February 2017
Celeste Haldane December 2017
Michael Korenberg December 2017
Graham Lee December 2017
Fiona Macfarlane February 2017
Beverlee Park December 2017
Alan Shuster February 2017
David Sidoo December 2017
Kevin Smith February 2017
Elected by Students
Term Expires
Aaron Bailey April 2017
Veronica Knott April 2017
Elected by Faculty
Term Expires
Dr. Richard Johnston February 2017
Dr. Darrin Lehman February 2017
Dr. Michael Treschow September 2017
Elected by Staff
Term Expires
Shannon Dunn September 2017
Darran Fernandez February 2017