February 14, 2017 Board of Governors Meeting

AGENDAS / MATERIALS MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE right up to the time of the meeting to which they relate – please check this website regularly for updates.

Unless noted otherwise on the agenda, meetings are generally held in the Robert H. Lee Family Boardroom in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre (6163 University Boulevard map).

Parking is available at the Health Sciences Parkade (2250 Health Sciences Mall map).



Finance Committee

1.2 Sustainable Future Fund
1.3 Staff Pension Plan (SPP)
1.4 Graduate Certificate in Orthopaedic and Manipulative Physical Therapy (GCOMPT)
1.5 10-Year Faculty Housing Strategy Implementation Update (Vancouver)
1.6 Faculty Housing Assistance Financing Endowment
1.7 Student Housing Financing Endowment (SHFE) Interest Rate
1.13 Staff Pension Plan Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures
1.14 Endowment Status Report


Joint: Finance Committee and Property Committee
2.1 Teaching & Learning Centre (Okanagan)
2.2 UBC Exchange (Vancouver)
2.3 Exchange Residence at Gage South (Vancouver)
2.4 Infrastructure Impact Charge (IIC) and Community Amenity Charge (CAC) Plans for the Vancouver Campus Annual Update
2.6 Follow-Up Actions regarding Capital Projects and Internal Loans
2.7 Capital Projects Update (Vancouver and Okanagan)


Learning & Research Committee
3.2 Annual Sustainability Report (Vancouver and Okanagan)
3.3 Senate Recommendations
3.4 Endowment Variations
3.5 Establishment of New Endowments


People, Community & International Committee
4.1 Annual Enrolment Report (Vancouver and Okanagan)
4.2 Commitment to Diversity Project Update
4.3 Policy #131 (Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct)
4.4 Notable Distinctions | Teaching, Research, Service
4.5 alumni UBC Update


Governance Committee

5.1 Policy #93 (Open and Closed Meetings of the Board of Governors and Standing Committees)
5.2 Policy #95 (Investigations)
5.3 Amendments to Procedures associated with Policy #18 and Policy #24
5.4 Policy #20 (Advertising of Position Vacancies)
5.5 Employee Relations Committee Terms of Reference
5.6 Policy #64 (Crossing of Picket Lines)
5.7 Conflict of Interest Administrator Annual Report