February 2021

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PDF icon February 2021 Meeting Schedule


Board of Governors
AGENDA – February 16, 2021
Strategic Plan in Action: Implementation Update
1.6 Report from the Cross-Campus Collaboration Task Force
1.7 Academic Presentation – Faculty of Science, UBC Vancouver
4.1 Board Annual Calendar Framework
8.1 Climate Emergency Task Force Report and Recommendations
9.1 Report on Revisions by the President to Procedures of Administrative AVPs Policy (AP15)


Finance Committee AGENDA – February 3, 2021
5. Integrated Renewal Program (IRP) and Application Ecosystems Program (AEP) Update
6. Tuition 2021-2022 | Student Consultation Update
7. Tuition | Master of Nutrition and Dietetics
8. Tuition | Veterans Transition Certification in International Development and Human Security
9. Tuition | World Literatures and Intercultural Communication
10. Endowment Status Report
11. Temporarily Suspended Board-Approved Program Fees


Governance Committee AGENDA – February 4, 2021
Board Annual Calendar Framework


Indigenous Engagement Committee AGENDA – February 3, 2021
4. In Plain Sight Report and Faculty of Medicine Response
5. Tools for Increasing Indigenous Representation among Students, Faculty and Staff


Learning & Research Committee AGENDA – February 4, 2021
3. Presentation from Student Members of the Black Student Caucus
4. UBC Community Health & Wellbeing Cloud Innovation Centre, powered by AWS

5i. Recommendations from November 2020 UBC Vancouver Senate Meeting
5ii. Recommendations from December 2020 UBC Vancouver Senate Meeting
5iii. Recommendations from December 2020 UBC Okanagan Senate Meeting
6. Establishment of New Endowments


People, Community & International Committee AGENDA – February 3, 2021
Enrolment Report
4. Student Financial Support
5. Notable Distinctions | Teaching, Research, Service
6. alumni UBC Activity Report
7. Memo regarding BC Human Rights Commission Special Program to diversify further UBC Students, Staff and Faculty


Property Committee AGENDA – February 3, 2021
2021-2022 Infrastructure Impact Charges (IICs) and Community Amenity Charges (CACs) Plan, UBC Vancouver
4. UBC Downtown Kelowna Project – Update


Sustainability & Climate Action Committee AGENDA – February 4, 2021
Responsible Investing Update
4. Climate Emergency Engagement – Report and Recommendations
5. Climate Emergency – Actions Underway and Next Steps
6. Climate Action Plan 2030: Emerging Directions and Draft Targets for UBC Vancouver and Okanagan Campuses