February 2018

The UBC Board of Governors Secretariat is the official copy holder for files of the UBC Board of Governors; materials are provided for information only.



JOINT: Finance Committee and Property Committee  
2.3 Capital Projects Update | Vancouver and Okanagan
2.4 Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching Laboratories Renewal and Expansion – Budget Revision
2.5 UBC Development Charges: Infrastructure Impact Charges (IICs) and Community Amenity Charges (CACs) (Vancouver)
2.6 The University Community on Campus – Housing Action Plan – Policy Text Amendments
2.7 Student Housing Growth Plans


JOINT: Learning & Research, PC&I and Finance Committees  
3.1 Enrolment Report 2017-2018


Finance Committee
4.3 Budget 2018-2019 (Vancouver and Okanagan)
4.4 Tuition | Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Public Health
4.5 Master of Data Science
4.6 Tuition | Bachelor of Media Studies
4.7 Field Trip Fee | Biology
4.8 Continuing Fees | International Graduate Students (selected programs)
4.9 Physical Therapy (PHTH) 580 Lab Fee
4.10 Piara and Kartar Dhillon Memorial Bursary Award
4.11 Kam Ngan Ho Memorial Scholarship Endowment – Closing
4.12 Endowment Status Report


People, Community & International Committee
6.2 Naming of Campus Facilities
6.3 Notable Distinctions | Teaching, Research, Service
6.4 alumni UBC Activity Report


Learning & Research Committee  
7.2.1 Recommendations arising from Vancouver Senate meeting of December 13, 2017
7.2.2 Recommendations arising from Okanagan Senate meeting of December 14, 2017
7.2.3 Recommendations arising from Vancouver Senate meeting of January 17, 2018
7.3 Establishment of New Endowments


Property Committee  
8.1 John Hindle Drive – FortisBC Statutory Right of Way
8.2 Teaching & Learning Centre – FortisBC Statutory Right of Way


Governance Committee  
9.1 Policy Priorities
9.2 Policy #82 (Relocation of Faculty Members and Senior Management Staff)
9.3 Committee Terms of Reference Review
9.4 Conflict of Interest Advisor Annual Report