June 2018

The UBC Board of Governors Secretariat is the official copy holder for files of the UBC Board of Governors; materials are provided for information only.



Audit Committee
2.1 UBC Financial Statements 2017-2018 Year-End Report


Learning & Research Committee
3.2 UBC Faculty of Education
3.3 Policy 73 (Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities)
3.4.1 Recommendations arising from Vancouver Senate meeting of April 18, 2018
3.4.2 Recommendations arising from Okanagan Senate meeting of April 26, 2018
3.4.3 Recommendations arising from Vancouver Senate meeting of May 16, 2018
3.4.4 Recommendations arising from Okanagan Senate meeting of May 17, 2018
3.5 Establishment of New Endowments


Finance Committee
4.1 Integrated Renewal Program
4.2 Tuition Instalment Schedule
4.3 Graduate Student Society (GSS) Student Fees
4.4.1 Variation of the Rashpal Dhillon Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Endowment Fund’s Terms of Reference
4.4.2 Variation of the Brahm Wiesman Memorial Scholarship in Community & Regional Planning Endowment Fund’s Terms of Reference
4.5 Non-Refundable Acceptance Deposit
4.6 UBC Investment Management Trust (UBC IMANT) Portfolio Review
4.7 Endowment Status Report


Property Committee
5.1 UBC Five-Year Capital Plan
5.2 Arts Student Centre
5.3 Student Housing | Walter Gage Infill Site
5.4 Douglas T. Kenny Building (Psychology) Fourth Floor Renovation
5.7 Amendments to Land Use Rules
5.8.1 Board 4 Report: Bentley Family Hall at Loon Lake Dining Hall (Malcolm Knapp Research Forest)
5.8.2 Board 4 Report: UBC Dairy Education & Research Centre On-Site Researcher Housing


People, Community & International Committee
6.1 Development & Alumni Engagement Year-End Report
6.2 Policy 131 (Sexual Assault and other Sexual Misconduct) Implementation Update
6.5 UBC Independent Investigations Office
6.6 Equity & Inclusion Office and Employment Equity 2016-2017 Annual Reports
6.7 Naming of Campus Facilities
6.8 Repatriation of Haida Mortuary Pole
6.9 Notable Distinctions | Teaching, Research, Service
6.10 alumni UBC Activity Report
6.11 Deaccession of Works of Art and/or Cultural Materials


JOINT: People, Community & International Committee and Finance Committee
7.1 University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) Annual Update and 2018-2019 Operating Budget
7.2 Student Financial Support 2017-2018 Annual Report


JOINT: Finance Committee and Learning & Research Committee
8.1 Tuition | Master of Data Science in Computational Linguistics
8.2 Tuition | Bachelor of Applied Science in Manufacturing Engineering
8.3 Tuition | Bachelor of Science in Food and Resource Economics
8.4 Tuition | Undergraduate Certificate in Adult Learning and Education
8.6 Tuition Assessment Change


Governance Committee
9.1 UBC Annual Report 2017-2018 and Institutional Accountability Plan & Report
9.2 Board Committees Terms of Reference


Indigenous Engagement Committee
10.1.1 Indigenous Engagement Committee Terms of Reference
10.1.2 Indigenous Strategic Plan
10.1.4 UBC Okanagan Aboriginal Programs Overview


Employee Relations Committee
11.1 Policy 2 (Employment Equity)
11.4 Management of Conflicts of Interest for Staff


JOINT: Finance Committee and Property Committee
12.1 Capital Projects Update | Vancouver and Okanagan