September 21, 2017 Board of Governors Meeting

AGENDAS / MATERIALS MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE right up to the time of the meeting to which they relate – please check this website regularly for updates.

Unless noted otherwise on the agenda, meetings are generally held in the Robert H. Lee Family Boardroom in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre (6163 University Boulevard map).

Parking is available at the Health Sciences Parkade (2250 Health Sciences Mall map).



Learning & Research Committee

1.1 Academic Freedom
1.2 Academic Presentation:  Centre for Inclusion and Citizenship, FHSD
1.3 Establishment of New Endowments


Finance Committee

2.1 Staff Pension Plan (SPP) Report
2.2 Staff Pension Plan (SPP) Funding Policy
2.3 Staff Pension Plan (SPP) Amendment No. 11
2.4 Staff Pension Plan (SPP) Governance Report
2.7 Non-Refundable Acceptance Deposit
2.8 Endowment Variation Request
2.9 CIRDI Power of Attorney – Ethiopia Supporting the Ministry of Mines (SUMM) Project
2.10 Investment Portfolios Quarterly Review (UBC IMANT)
2.11 Endowment Status Report
2.12 UBC Annual Debt Report
2.13 Faculty Pension Plan (FPP) | Plan Summary and Audited Financial Statements
2.14 Staff Pension Plan (SPP) | Plan Summary and Audited Financial Statements


JOINT: Finance Committee and Property Committee
3.1 Capital Planning and Prioritization Process
3.2 Capital Projects Update | Vancouver and Okanagan
3.3 Seismic Resilience Plan
3.4 MacInnes Field Parkade (Vancouver)
3.5 Stadium Road Neighbourhood Planning Process (Vancouver)
3.6 Theo Koerner House Graduate Student Centre | Lease Renewal
3.7 Receipt of GamePlan: UBC’s 20-Year Recreation and Athletics Facilities Strategy
3.8 Engineering Student Centre | Board 4 Report
3.9 Ponderosa Commons Phase 1 East & West | Board 4 Report
3.10 Library PARC @ UBC | Board 4 Report
3.11 UBC-Controlled, Affiliated or Related Organizations, Major Campus Tenancies & Off-Campus Properties


People, Community & International Committee

4.1 Naming of Campus Facilities
4.2 Development & Alumni Engagement Report
4.3 Workplace Practices at UBC: Focus on People Benchmark Report
4.5 alumni UBC Activity Report | August 2017
4.6 Notable Distinctions | Teaching, Research, Service


Audit Committee

5.1 Financial Report Q1 2017-2018


Governance Committee

6.2 Board of Governors Committees | Membership


* Timing of Committee discussion may vary.