April 2018

The UBC Board of Governors Secretariat is the official copy holder for files of the UBC Board of Governors; materials are provided for information only.



Executive Committee  
1.1 Strategic Plan:  Shaping UBC’s Next Century


Finance Committee
2.1 Budget 2018-2019 (Vancouver and Okanagan)
2.2 Integrated Renewal Program
2.3 Sustainable Future Pool Additional Contribution
2.5 UBC Alma Mater Society (AMS) Fees
2.6 UBC Students’ Union Okanagan (UBCSUO) Fees
2.7 Endowment Variation Request
2.8 UBC Investment Management Trust (UBC IMANT) Portfolio Review
2.9 Endowment Status Report
2.10 Faculty Pension Plan (FPP) Report
2.11 Staff Pension Plan (SPP) Governance Report
2.12 Staff Pension Plan (SPP) Report


JOINT: Finance Committee and Property Committee  
3.1 The University Community on Campus – Housing Action Plan (Vancouver) Five-Year Review Student Issues Follow Up
3.2 UBC’S Rapid Transit Strategy: Next Steps
3.3 Seismic Resilience Plan Progress Update
3.4 Capital Projects Update


JOINT: Finance Committee and Learning & Research Committee
4.1 Tuition | Master of Urban Forestry Leadership
4.2 Tuition | MSc and PhD in Oceans and Fisheries
4.3 International Student Tuition | Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) Program


Property Committee  
5.1 Housing Commons (Okanagan)
5.2 Skeena Residence (Okanagan)
5.3 Stadium Road Neighbourhood Project Update
5.4 UBC Land Use Plan, Transportation and Engagement Annual Monitoring Report (Vancouver)


People, Community & International Committee
6.1 alumni UBC Update
6.2 AMS Submission to the Board of Governors re Prevalence of Sexual Violence at UBC
6.3 Naming of Campus Facilities
6.4.1 UBC Vancouver Campus Security Annual Report
6.4.2 UBC Okanagan Campus Security Annual Report
6.5 Notable Distinctions | Teaching, Research, Service
6.6 alumni UBC Activity Report


Learning & Research Committee  
7.2 UBC Research Excellence Clusters Initiative
7.3.1 Recommendations arising from Vancouver Senate meeting of February 28, 2018
7.3.2 Recommendations arising from Okanagan Senate meeting of February 22, 2018
7.3.3 Recommendations arising from Okanagan Senate meeting of March 29, 2018
7.3.4 Recommendations arising from Vancouver Senate electronic approval of March 23, 2018
7.4 Council of Senates Recommendation
7.5 Establishment of New Endowments


Governance Committee  
8.1 Indigenous Engagement Committee Terms of Reference
8.3 Policy #7 (Occupational and Research Health and Safety Policy)
8.4 Board of Governors Committee Membership


Audit Committee  
9.1 Financial Report Q3 2017-2018